Addiction to smartphone leading to neck pain? This device by IIT-Delhi can help

Addiction to smartphone leading to neck pain? This device by IIT-Delhi can help

As the world is adopting digital means to make life easier, health-related issued are also emerging that pose a serious challenge for the people. One such problem is of neck pain. With smartphone becoming an integral part of our lives, it has become difficult for many to minimise its use and neck-strain is emerging as a common problem among smart device users today. To deal with this posture problem of mobile/laptop users, the Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi has developed a modern device that would help to fix the posture of those who are suffering with ‘text neck’.

According to an Indian Express report, the IIT Delhi has developed the device called ‘Stancy’. The device was on display at the Institute on Saturday on the occasion of its second Industry Day.

According to the institute, Industry Day aims to harness and promote the power of Industry-Academia collaborations and showcase cutting-edge technology work being conducted by the research community of the institute to provide impactful techno-social and techno-commercial solutions for the local and global community.

Text neck is an ailment caused by repeated stress on the neck due to excessive usage of hand-held devices, like mobile phones, tablets, laptop etc. Sahil Kargwal, an IIT graduate and co-founder of the device, says that text neck refers to the pain and damage caused to the neck from looking down frequently and for too long at smart devices. He adds that continue looking down for too long leads to permanent conditions like spinal degeneration and disc compression and so to address this, they came up with the product. Stancy is currently at the stage of clinical trial.

Stancy works through its vibration. “What happens is that when you bend your neck below a certain degree, the device — which you have to attach to the back of your neck — will vibrate, indicating that you need tilt your head back,” said Kargwal. However, he added that as no studies had been done on this in India, they were yet to ascertain the degree at which the vibration would start.

According to Kargwal, the posture of a person would be fixed in 50 days of regular device use. The cost of the device will be roughly around Rs 2000 and his team had started the process to get medical validation and for this, they have approached hospitals in the national capital.



Source:- financialexpress