Driving license, work will be done online in minutes sitting at home

Driving license, work will be done online in minutes sitting at home

If you want to be a driver’s license then your work may be sitting at home. The portal charioteer, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, allows you to apply for online driving license. This portal can be applied for both the driver and Permanent Driving License. Also, from uploading documents to payment of fees, you can do this through the portal.

This is the process for the lerner license.

  • Visit parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice16/stateSelection.do
  • Select your state from here For example, if you are from Delhi, then select Delhi.
  • Now a new page will open Click on Apply Online and select New Learner License.
  • Continuate after reading the guidelines.
  • After this, a new page will open, in which the applicant does not already have Driving / Learner Licence selected. If you are Diplomat Foreign, Foreign Returns, Refugee, Foreign but Not Diplomat, X Serviceman, Physically Challenged, then you have to select your category. If not, then you have to move ahead by clicking submit.
  • You will now be able to access a form, in which the state, RTO office will be selected. After this you will have to fill all mandatory details such as name, phone number, blood group, parents’ name, birthdate, address etc.
  • After this you will also have to tell which car you have to make a license to run.
  • After filling out all the details, it has to be submitted. After that an anonymity will come, which you can print.

Photo, Signature, Document Uploading and Fee Payment

  • Return to the homepage and go to the Upload Documents section. From here you can upload your photo, signature and document.
  • There is also a section of fees payment on the homepage. From here you can complete the payment process.
How to make driving license online DL, process to apply for online driving licence online

Slot booking

  • After payment of fees, you will have to book for a driving test in the slot book i.e. RTO office. For this, the Inquiry On Slot Availability and Appointments Slot Booking Section are available on the homepage. From here you can select a date.
  • After that, you will have to test after going to a booked date. After passing the test, your learning DL will arrive at your home post in 15 days.

Application status and cancell application

There is also application status and cancell application section in the Applied Online Segment on the homepage. Through the application status you can check whether all steps of the process have been completed or not. If there is a step left then there will be a show there. At the same time you can cancel your application through cancellation application.

How to make driving license online DL, process to apply for online driving licence online

Process to make Permanent DL

You can apply online for a permanent driving license one month from the date of becoming a learning license. For this, you have to follow the procedure given above. Just follow the new driving license number in the online online section and give the number of further driving driving license.

Videos are present

Three videos are available to give information on the complete process of making DL on the Sarathi portal. Videos can be accessed directly by parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice1/videoAndAudio.do or by visiting the demo help section on the homepage.



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